Beginning the journey with the first step………..

I spent a good part of my life believing that I would never be a wife and mother.  I certainly wanted to be one, but I did not think it would happen.  I attended college and never had a relationship progress beyond two or three dates (I must have intimidated them with my charm).  😉  Accepting my “fate”, I began to put together the best single person life that I could imagine.  Perhaps I would rescue orphans in Uganda, educate young girls in Afghanistan or help dig wells in Cambodia.  Before I could do any of that, God revealed His plan for my life.  He wanted me to become the wife of the most passionate, selfless and godly man I have ever met.

For a while, I felt like I must be a pretty amazing person to catch the eye of such a, well, “catch”.  And then we got married.  I quickly learned that my husband was not merely a reward for my good behavior, but a tool of sanctification to help me grow in areas that desperately needed work.  One area that still needs the most work is my ability to clean and organize my home.  It was not such a problem in our first year of marriage.  How much mess can two adults make?  The trouble really began after our little girl was born in July, 2009.  Suddenly, my life revolved around diaper changes, nursing and other aspects of caring for a newborn.  Things only got worse when I went back to work.  Mail began to pile up on the dining room table, the couch, the microwave–any flat surface.  I got way behind with the dishes and the laundry.  Eric would help, but no one person could completely undo the damage that I was inflicting on our humble abode.

We are currently expecting our second child, due in early March.  While I have improved in some areas, I still need a lot of help.  I’m starting this blog to encourage others, but my primary goal is accountability.  I want my children to learn how to clean and manage a home, and I want them to learn it from me.  This is where the journey begins.Image


2 thoughts on “Beginning the journey with the first step………..

  1. Laura, Great post! I too recently started a blog in which I share my struggles and short comings in order to encourage others. I think transparency is so important. I, too, also struggle tremendously with keeping up with house work since our home has been blessed with children. It is not an easy task to train up a child–this truth is made very clear to me each day but by God’s grace we make it through and hopefully someday we will see that our efforts were not in vain as we watch our own children muddle through with their own little blessings!

  2. I tell many moms with young children (under 6) to not be too hard on yourself. You need your sleep and the kids need you. Develop a system on how to handle important things and the rest let go. If you would like input or ideas just give me a call. A bit far for me to make a house call 😉

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